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MEDEX Patient Experience Platform

Start your patient improvement journey with our unique mobile platform. Reach quantifiable results with Medex - improve patient satisfaction that reflects improvements in HCAHPS scores.

Location Enabled

Our solutions include both indoor and outdoor location enabled services to provide a unique experiences for your patients.


Our native mobile solutions are fully compatible with all Android and IOS mobile devices.


Location intelligence powered data visualizations, data analytics, and reporting.

Awesome Design

Our solutions specifically designed for best user experience.


All solutions are designed and customized with your own corporate design and branding.

Easy to customize

All application content can be customized without needing any software skills.

How It Works?

MEDEX platform has three main components :
Mobile application, Location Services and Analytics. We provide these services over Oracle's cloud platform to deliver secure, fast and reliable outcomes.


Our first step is to develop your mobile application with your corporate design and brand. If you already have an application and want to keep it, we integrate our SDK.


Both Indoor and Outdoor location services will be installed, including worldwide traffic data, pharmacy and competitor locations etc.


Our platform will be integrated with your backend HIS, CRM, Call Center systems. etc.


We will prepare your cloud-based analytics platform to provide you the insight you need.


We provide features specifically designed to have your patients keep the Medex applications installed on their phones all the time. This way, we keep a two-way communication channel open between you and your patients.

Smart Appointment Reminder

Application checks the traffic situation status and distance to decide when to notify the patients to leave for their appointments.

Symptom Collection

Your patients can enter their symptoms while getting the appointment. Doctors will be notified about the symptoms before patient consultation.

Online Consultation

Telemedicine solution for hospitals to make video based consultations over the Internet.

Digital Loyalty Card

MEDEX allows to digitalize your patient loyalty cards over mobile phones.

HCAHPS Surveys

MEDEX can improve your HCAHPS survey response rates and your hospital’s ratings.

Smart Pills Reminder

MEDEX reminds medication times according to the prescription. MEDEX can also warn patients about potentially fatal negative drug interactions.

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Team members

Meet our executive team !

VP of Operations, Americas

Frequently asked questions

Please check our answers to most common questions that our clients ask.

1. Are you a mobile application company ?

No. We develop mobile applications only to provide location intelligence and services for hospitals. We can provide SDK package for our customers that already have mobile applications.

2. What do you mean by location intelligence ?

Medrics is highly experienced in indoor and outdoor location technologies. We use patient location data to improve healthcare processes and patient experience.

3. How do you improve patient experience ?

Medrics takes a patient's hospital visit journey and utilizes location intelligence to improve the experience. Some important features are:

– We remind the doctor appointments, based on traffic and distance data. This helps the patients to get to hospitals on time and reduces no-shows.

– We help disabled patients to get assistance before they arrive to the hospital.

– We can register the patient to the HIS as they enter the building to avoid unnecessary waits in line.

– We provide indoor navigation functionality to help patients find their way.

– We improve patient safety by location-based warnings inside the building.

4. How long does the implementation take ?

Based on required integration needs, a typical project to get online takes about 6-8 weeks.

5. How much does your solution cost ?

Our solutions are cloud-based and sold with a subscription model. Prices range dramatically depending on the various needs of our clients. Please consult one of our sales team members to discuss your hospital’s requirements.

6. How do you improve HCAHPS Scores ?

Our platform is designed to improve your patients’ satisfaction with your hospitals’ services. That is, your patients will wait less in waiting rooms, locate their doctors easily, get to the hospitals, pharmacies, and home without any hassles etc. More than 10 HCAHPS survey domains are extremely likely to improve with utilizing Medrics platforms. We also use intelligent reminders to increase the HCAHPS survey response rates as we push intelligent reminders to fill out HCAHPS surveys after the patients’ discharge from your hospitals.

7. Do you have a telemedicine module ?

Yes. This function is available in two modes:

– As a module of your main application

– As a separate mobile application just to be used for telemedicine purposes.

Please feel free to request a demo for this module.

8. Do you have multi language support ?

Yes. We already have four languages within our platform.

– English
– Spanish
– Arabic
– Turkish

We are adding many more languages every day.  Any language can be added to our platform based on your needs in a few days.

Download MEDEX Demo App Today

You can download MEDEX application demo from App Stores today. Please feel free to try !


MEDRICS at NGPX 2018 – San Diego

Medrics is a sponsor of NGPX conference between 27-29 November 2018.  Our VP of Operations will be hosting sessions on day 2. Please feel free to visit our boot at NGPX. If you want to attend our roundtable session please send an email to girk@medrics.us.

MEDRICS at NGPX 2018 – San Diego

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353 Sacramento Street, Suite 1812,
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